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A company is a business entity registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 50. It has a legal personality i.e. it has rights to own properties, has perpetual succession and can sue or be sued in its own name. It usually has the words 'Pte Ltd' or 'Ltd' as part of its name.

What do we need to incorporate a Company?
1. Name of proposed company
2. A copy of the directors' NRIC (We must physically meet the directors/shareholders)
3. A copy of the shareholders' NRIC
4. A registered address
5. Contact emails and numbers
6. Number of shares
7. Value of shares and the shareholding percentage
8. Memorandum and articles of association (We will provide you with this)
9. Signed Form 45 (Consent to act as a director)
10. Signed KYC form

How long does an Incorporation take?
This would depend on the information provided and the responsiveness of ACRA's servers. However, everything would usually be ready within a few hours.

What happens after the Company secretary incorporates the Company for you?
1. You will receive the UEN (Unique Entity Number) via email
2. The Company registers will be prepared
3. The Company's first resolutions will be prepared
4. The Company's seal will be made
5. We will have bought the Bizfile for you and we will email a copy to you

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