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Can you do your own accounting?  Click here to see for answer is YES

The logical answer is NO! IF anyone can do accounting, they would not be teaching accounting & finance in universities!

For anyone who think that he or she is an accounting expert without needing to go for any training, I suggest the person go to the following institutions to take an exam to find out how much he or she knows about accounting.

a.   Singapore universities (SMU, NTU, NUS, UNISIM…)

b.   ACCA programmes

c.   LCCI exams

Accounting for transactions in a company comprise of many elements. We have to also consider the type of accounting needed.

For example, the accounting reports needed for sole proprietors, partnerships, companies, companies in different industries, public listed companies, governments, charities etc will have different requirements.

In Singapore’s law, there are already three that you have to know:

The accounting standard setting council,

You can download the accounting standards here. Click here